Rice and Beans Cafe

Great Food Better Prices!

Home of the $7 Plate

and the

$2.50 Smoked Chicken Leg

Franchise Opportunities

In a world where even food trucks only seem to offer $13 specialty taco and boutique bakeries routinely sell $9 cupcakes, we took a look at the times and decided to go the opposite direction.

Great Food

Better Prices!

As trying financial times take hold, everyone's budget has become stretched to the limit. We are stepping in to fill that need with excellent food at affordable prices for the entire family.

Our menu is simple, slow cooked, and easy to manage.

Our prices are about service to the community.

Every dish is $7 and under for a Hot & Hardy lunch or supper on the go.

According to Consumer Reports, Rice and Beans is one of the healthiest foods you can eat with up to 12 grams of plant-based protein per one cup serving as well as 10 grams of fiber, B Vitamins, Iron, Antioxidants and other micro-nutrients most American's don't get enough of.

Our Menu

We serve the most amazing, slow cooked Red Beans and Stock Rice with Pickled Pork and Homemade Corn Muffin

Scrumptious and Savory Unity Beans (Red and White) with Stock Rice and Homemade Corn Muffin

And our Delicious and Best Selling Persian Lima Beans and Cumin-Dill Stock Rice alongside a Cumin and Paprika Smoked Chicken Leg served with refreshing Cucumber Mint Yogurt

We also serve the finest Red Potato Salad that ever graced the South along with our incredibly popular House Blend Peach/Raspberry Iced Sweet Tea.

Why Choose Us?

We understand better than anyone that as a Potential Franchisee, you literally have a world of choices before you. Why should we be your choice for a business partner as an owner/operator?

Our concept is simple and fair to both the customer and the owner/operator.

Our food is excellent at an even more excellent price point.

We provide amazing fare at the prices more and more American's can find within their budget. We specialize in make a dollar stretch for the entire family.

We offer the lowest entry costs in the industry. Our Franchise Fees are definitely the lowest in the food service market at $15K with an average Total Startup Cost of $50-65K. Our Franchise Share is also low at 5% Gross Sales. Your expected ROI (Return on Investment) is 12-18 months. We made our Startup ROI in 9 months.

We are perfect for a first time entrepreneur. Our model is designed for an owner/operator with a single employee (or better yet, an owner/operator couple) to be able to manage full-time operations.

We have the industries easiest to work with Franchise Agreement and Startup Protocols. We believe that entrepreneurship should not be an overly complicated process.We do not get bogged down in excessive legalese. Our goal is to get you making money as quickly as possible. We only do business LLC to LLC, and we provide all the necessary documentation. You only need a pen and a check at signing.

We are currently working on an open-source POS (Point of Sale) system. This will save you thousands of dollars a year in specialized software. You don't have to do anything but run the business while gaining 100% real time transparency over your financials.

Our model is extremely user friendly with regards to preparation and service. Most restaurant business models will wear you out regarding portion control. Our portions are "oversized" for both customer value and operator convenience.

Our product has an extremely long "Line-Time" when kept at safe temperatures. Our window of freshness is hours not minutes, which keeps food waste to a minimum.

We provide full on-site training as well as business coaching, tips, and strategies for success.

We are in the process of developing a full service kitchen for production ingredients to better serve our franchisees.

Our "Cook's Corner" concept allows each owner/operator franchisee add up to two items to the menu to capture local flavors and community favorites.

* Bonus *

First 10 Franchises Get Double Market Option

First Market/Store - $15K F.F.

Second Market/Store - $8500 F.F.

Districts and regions also available

Contact today and let us put you in a turn-key restaurant business for under $70K